Softstone is an office building located in a developing metropolitan area. In multiple scales, the interior spaces and exterior body of Softstone are defined with two sets of intertwined dark and bright colored layers with different yet completing material behaviors. While the dark layer stays neutral, the bright layer dynamically moves and morphs in multiple directions in order to respond to the internal and external forces.


Soft transitions from the small to the large components create curved surfaces out of the hard stone. The focal points of these gradients are defining the entrances and the openings; shaping the building skin, adjusting the skyline and connecting the backyard landscape to the staircase all the way to the rooftop of the project.


Each piece of rock in nature reveals several million years of geological history. Various characteristics of each stone veins, such as the directionality of layers, the colour, the porosity, and the hardness, all together create a distinctive visual identity that pictures the way a piece of stone has been formed. How can we benefit from this uniqueness through studying, retrieving and analyzing of these physical and visual data and use them as generative inputs to the design process of a table?


Farmanieh residential is a multi-level building with five units all with different layout and spatial qualities. Three dimensional positioning of the duplex units in the building block, result into double height voids in the building envelope allows for growing of vertical gardens.


The design aims to communicate two complementing aspects of the Benetton brand: On the one hand, The exterior envelope reflects the minimal and simple style of Benetton clothes; On the other hand, the courtyard walls serve as a space of vibrant visual expression representing the image of Benetton as an exponent of human diversity and multiculturalism.


Integrated and dynamic landscape design is realized through activating the back side of the project by connecting it to the rooftop on one side and dissolving it softly to an animated carpet-like landscape that embraces the only existing tree and integrates new plants.


With almost hundred percent of surface area occupation in a large scale urban plot in eight levels; and located next to a wide boulevard and in a junction of two main streets of the city center; the project connects to the city through introducing a continues public void with varying scales and activities.

Architecture is a setup. Hence it is a system, it is a situation, it is a trick, it is a structure, and it is an organization. Architectural works, design research and construction projects by SETUParchitecture studio incorporate digital and virtual means of organizing the space and redefine the roles of local and global intelligent methods of making, creating, producing and setting up architecture. The studio is established in 2014 in Netherlands and Iran and is acting globally in various design to production scales.