Architecture is a setup. Hence it is a system, it is a situation, it is a trick, it is a structure, and it is an organization. Architectural works, design research and construction projects by SETUParchitecture studio incorporate digital and virtual means of organizing the space and redefine the roles of local and global intelligent methods of making, creating, producing and setting up architecture.  The studio is established in 2014 in Netherlands and Iran and is acting globally in various design to production scales.

معماری یک سیستم، یک موقعیت، یک ترفند، یک سازه و یک سازمان است. پروژه های معماری و طراحی پژوهی، توسط استودیو سِتاپ شیوه های  نوین طراحی و تکنیک های  هوشمند ساخت را باز تعریف کرده و با به کارگیری آنها جایگاه و نقش معماری را در جغرافیای معاصر به چالش می کشند. استدیو سِتاپ در سال ۱۳۹۳ در هلند و ایران پایه گذاری شده و در مقیاس های مختلف طراحی تا ساخت فعال است. هدف استودیو ستاپ معماریسازی است.


Join Our Team

If you are interested to be part of SETUP team  you are welcome to send a digital application containing a cover letter, a CV, and your portfolio in a zip file  with maximum 20mb size to  Application@setuparchitecture.com


Awards and Recognition


Architizer 2020 Award

1st prize award for Architizer A+Awards  2020, SOFTSTONE project winner of the stone architecture category


Architizer 2020 Award

Honorable mention in Architizer 2020 A+Awards in Mid-Rise Commercial and Offices


Design Wanted

Design Wanted, Italy Milan, Published a full article on SOFTSTONE


Amazing Architecture

SOFTSTONE featured on Amazing Architecture Platform


Parametric Architecture

SOFTSTONE Published in Parametric Architecture Magazine



SOFTSTONE featured on Architizer


Objet 3 Event and Exhibition

SETUP is invited to Ojbet 3 and Stone Trace Table Exhibited in Exhibition and Event at Niavaran Cultural Center,


2A Continental Award for Asia and Europe,

SOFTSTONE, Winner of Award in Commercial – Office and Business category, 2nd Prize among 437 entries in 7 categories, at IAAC Barcelona