Digital Futures 2020 _ HI-Cy: Hybrid Intelligence Cy-Matters

Registration is open DigitalFutures.World We are glad to be a part of Digital Futures 2020 with HI-Cy: Hybrid Intelligence Cy-Matters workshop on computational design and multi-material 3d printing along with an amazing lineup of talks and workshops in 3 timezones. Link to the workshop registration:…/mostafavi   Workshop Leaders: Sina Mostafavi + Benjamin Kemper + Adib Khaeez / […]

Design Wanted published SOFTSTONE

SOFTSTONE is published on Design Wanted. Full story at Design Wanted: Design Wanted View this post on Instagram Full article at – "Softstone Office Building by Setup Architecture" Softstone is a mid-rise building located in the city center of Tehran, Iran. Soft transitions from small to large components in the building's facade create curved […]

Amazing Architecture featured SOFTSTONE

SOFTSTONE is published on Amazing Architecture. Find the full story on Amazing Architecture Online Magazine: Amazing Architecture Instagram Post            

Parametric Architecture published SOFTSTONE project

SOFTSTONE is published on Architizer. “SETUParchitecture, led by Dutch-Iranian architect Sina Mostafavi, completed the construction of Softstone, a mid-rise office building in Tehran, Iran.”   Find the full story on PA: SOFTSTONE Office Building by SETUParchitecture   Softstone on PA Instagram page: View this post on Instagram Rate this facade from 1/10? @setuparchitecture , led by Dutch-Iranian architect @sinamostafavi […]

SOFTSTONE featured on Architizer

SOFTSTONE is published on Architizer. Find out more on the lin:   SOFTSTONE Design: SETUParchitecture Architect in charge: Sina Mostafavi Construction manager: Alireza Salami Clients: Majid Ghavifekr Photographs: Parham Taghioff, Bamdad Nourian Design date: 2014-17 | Construction date: 2015-18