Ghazal Refalian



Ghazal Refalian is an architect and researcher with a master degree’s in the technology of architecture who started her professional activities in 2005 and had collaborated in various projects with a focus on computational design and design process, digital form finding and digital fabrication. Since 2013, she has focused on pattern art and the relation between digital fabrication methods and pattern design in art and architecture which led her to found Patternitecture platform, in order to facilitate research, design and fabrication of pattern-based designs in built environments within curating the first event (exhibition and lecture series) in Tehran. Ghazal joined Iaac (Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia) in the same year to participate in open thesis research program due to work on a robotic design fabrication project in Barcelona and now is a PhD student in universitat politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), where explores new fabrication techniques of modular sterotomic structures.