Farmanieh Residential

Location: Tehran

Year: 2017-present

Type: Residential

Area: 3000 sqrm

Status: Commission, in progress

Architects: Sina Mostafavi, Adib Khaeez, Faezeh Sadeghi, Masoud Barikany

Construction: Alireza Salami, Nasir Damavadni

Clients: Roudgari family, Rouzbeh Roudgari

Farmanieh residential is a multi-level building with five units all with different layout and spatial qualities. Three dimensional positioning of the duplex units in the building block, result into double height voids in the building envelope allows for growing of vertical gardens.

Interior view of the duplex units looking from south towards north

Interior view of the duplex from the double height space

A close up of the southern yard towards the entrances and the sunken courtyard

South view from the ramp in the courtyard