Sina Mostafavi

Founder, CEO

Sina Mostafavi is a researcher, practicing architect, and educator with expertise in computational design and architectural robotics. Mostafavi’s research focuses on the innovative application and development of emerging materials and technologies for integrated performance-driven design and circular production. He holds a doctoral degree from TU Delft, where he has been a senior researcher and the manager at the robotic building lab of Hyperbody Group in AE+T at BK-City. He is the founder of SETUParchitecture, an award-winning studio that aims at adapting digital design-to-production technologies to geo-cultural specificities. He has led several research projects and taught numerous studios at the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture in the Netherlands and Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA) at Bauhaus in Germany. In DIA Bauhaus, he has been the initiator and director of DARS.hub [Design, Architectural Robotics & Systems].

Dr. Mostafavi’s projects have been featured at international exhibitions, such as V2 gallery-institute for unstable media of Rotterdam, synthetic Exhibition in Le Mans Lillie, NAi in Rotterdam, construction week in Utrecht, and Print the World Exposition in Centre Pompidou Paris. He has received several awards, such as Architizer A+ Awards 2020, 2A Continental Euro-Asia Award 2018 in IAAC Barcelona for Softstone Building, and Emerging Scholar Digital Futures 2021 award. He is the author of the book Hybrid Intelligence in Architectural Robotic Materialization (HI-ARM), which centers on incorporating Computational, Fabrication, and Material Intelligence in integrated design-to-robotic-production workflows. Lectured and published internationally and has been a member of the scientific committees of various journals and conferences such as eCAADe, ACADIA and CAAD Futures, and 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. Mostafavi is a member of the Editorial Boards of IJAC, International Journal of Architectural Computing, and he is also an elected member of the ACADA Board of Directors.

At TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Mostafavi has been involved in several research projects as a senior researcher and tutor, where he has been the manager and co-initiator of the Robotic Building Lab at Hyperbody Research Group of TU Delft. At TU Delft and DIA Bauhaus, he has led and taught more than 60 design studios and seminars and has supervised more than 50 M. Arch. and M.Sc. graduate students with research-oriented architectural design projects focusing on computational design and robotic production systems. His recently featured interdisciplinary projects with DARS.hub in DIA Bauhaus include Cyber Craft 4.0 architectural design studios exhibited in Dutch Design Week 2020, 100 Years Bauhaus wood pavilion, and collaborative projects with Materiability Research Group of Anhalt University Dessau Department of Design such as Bioplastic Robotic-3D-Printing and Adaptive City Car sponsored by AUDI.

Mostafavi has led international workshops such as InDeSem 2015 Re.Craft, IASS 2015 in Amsterdam, SimAUD 2018 in Delft, and DigitalFUTUREs 2020 global event. He is also an organizing member of Digital Futures annual and weekly events. His work is published and presented in several books, journals, and conferences, such as eCAADe 2013 in Delft, Algorithms, and Actualization at AA London, eCAADe 2014 in New Castle, ACADIA in Los Angeles, eCAADe 2015 in Vienna, Game Set Match 2015 in Delft, ACADIA in Cincinnati, Rob|Arch 2016 in Sydney, Rob|Arch 2018 in ETH Zurich, eCAADe 2020 in Berlin, KNAW Amsterdam, Digital Knowledge in Paris Malaquais, Towards a Robotic Architecture book, Mutations-creations of Imprimer-le-Monde in Centre Pompidou, and Dutch Design Week.