Sina Mostafavi

Founder, CEO

Sina Mostafavi is a practicing architect, researcher, and educator with expertise in computational design and architectural robotics. Has practiced architecture since 2007, he is the founder of studio SETUParchitecture based in Netherlands, a firm that internationally offers consultancy for innovative design solutions to construction processes. He is currently the manager and coordinator of Robotic Building Lab at Hyperbody group of TU Delft. He is teaching design studios at Delft and Dessau Institute of Architecture at Bauhaus and has led international workshops such as indesme2015-re.craft, SimAUD 2018 at Delft and IASS2015 at Amsterdam. As a Ph.D. and currently as a senior researcher at TU Delft, he has focused since 2011 on development and application of design computation to robotic production of hybrid material systems; using multimode subtractive-additive robotic production methods. He has lectured internationally and has been a member of the scientific committees of various journals and conferences such as eCAADe and ACADIA. The results of his work have been published and presented in books, journals and conferences, such as eCAADe 2013 in Delft, Algorithms and Actualization at AA London, eCAADe 2014 in New Castle, ACADIA in Los Angeles, eCAADe 2015  in Vienna, ACADIA in Cincinnati, Rob|Arch 2016 in Sydney, Rob|Arch 2018 in ETH Zurich, , KNAW Amsterdam, Digital Knowledge in Paris Malaquais, chapters in Towards a Robotic Architecture book and in Mutations-creations, Imprimer-le-Monde, Centre Pompidou . Architectural prototypes and works by him have been featured at international exhibitions, such as construction week in Utrecht, V2 gallery-institute for unstable media of Rotterdam, synthetic Exhibition in Le Mans Lillie and Print the World Exposition in Centre Pompidou Paris.